Big Apple Hot Dogs

I have an addiction, and it’s getting pretty bad. I will travel large distances and many hours to get my hands on a Big Apple Hot Dog, I’d travel across London for one, I’d sell my grandmother for one, in short I love these hot dogs.

A bit of history: I’d read some blog posts that were saying that these were the best hot dogs in town the photos of these sausages had me salivating at work, I had to have one even if they were all the way over in Old St. So one Friday lunch I persuaded a friend from work to jump on a bus from Camden and head down to Old St to see what all the fuss was about. After a long (1 hour!) bus ride we arrived at our destination. At this point I was questioning my sanity; is any hot dog worth an hour long trip? My companion was also asking me this since I’d promised we’d be there and back in half the time.

Well thankfully they didn’t disappoint, I wouldn’t consider myself a hot dog expert and I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a New York hot dog expert but these blew me away. Made from the freshest meat with garlic and paprika then smoked they taste like no other hot dog you’ve ever tasted. The first bite is the best as all the juicy goodness spews forth from the greatest sausage in the word.

I would be the first to admit that I am generally quite susceptible to hype; you read a few blog posts about somewhere claiming it’s the next big thing and then you go to see for yourself and either you’ve hyped it so much that whatever turns up will disappoint or you just feel like you’re following the crowd. Well for me the acid test on these hot dogs was the hapless work colleague who I’d dragged across town to try them, and he declared that they were definitely worth the hour and half round trip and he’d happily come back. So I breathed a sigh of relief and ordered another.

Well thankfully we don’t need to make another trip to Old St as now these dogs are coming a little closer to us. Every Thursday Abiye (the genius behind these hot dogs) will be setting up his stall in between Kings Cross St Pancreas and the Station on Kings Boulevard, for exact directions have a look here. This is good news for me working in Camden. I made my way down today for lunch and they were as good as ever and it only took half the time to get there! Still a bit of hike for a hot dog but these I worth it.

So if you work in Shoreditch or the Kings Cross area get yourself down to the great hot dog stall in the world and get your fix.

239 Old Street
London EC1V 9EY


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