Cambio de Tercio – A taste of Spain

Next up in my series of London restaurants is Cambio de Tercio, the upmarket London tapas restaurant that is a favourite of none other than Rafa Nadal. There were rumours that he’d booked a table for the night we were there but sadly he was a no show. The Cambio de Tercio group have rapidly expanded since they set up on the Brompton road. They’ve got a tapas bar opposite and have recently opened a sherry bar two doors down called Capote y Toros that looks fun too.

It was a busy Thursday night when we headed down and the only time we could squeeze in a table of six was 9:30. So this was a late supper, Spanish style, although one of our number described sitting down for supper this late on a weekday as “madness”. I disagree but then I don’t work the same hours as he does and I’ve been living in Argentina where this is thought of as early.

Cambio certainly has a great atmosphere, the place was absolutely rammed with people chattering away and waiters bustling from table to table, taking orders. We sat down, ordered a couple of bottles of Rioja and started to get stuck into the tapas.

Cambio have a good system in place that can cater to either a table for two or a table for six. They’ve split the menu into 3 sections, one for traditional tapas, one for some more exotic ones (think foie gras or tuna tartar) and then a third for main courses.

We were advised to go for 2 tapas each and then 3 mains to share between the six of us and this turned out to be ample. We opted to stick with the classic tapas and went for a delicious plate of Pata Negra, calamari, octopus, prawns, croquettas, “nuevas patatas bravas”, and from the more exotic menu some sardines marinated in sherry.

Fried Squid “A la andaluza” with lime and Ali ol

Iberico Pata Negra Ham with toasted bread & tomato

Char grill Galician Octopus, potato parmentier, paprika oil

Prawns “a la plancha” garlic-parsley oil

These were all fantastic, a lovely mixture of traditional Spanish favourites but done to an incredibly high standard. Highlights were the melt in your mouth, moreish Pata Negra, the lovely octopus that came with potato parmientier and paprika oil and the fresh and citrusy sardines that looked absolutely beautiful. Annoyingly the light in the restaurant wasn’t great so the photos aren’t top notch but hopefully they give a good impression!

Crispy Serrano ham Croquettes, thyme and tomato sauce

The “new spicy Patatas bravas”

Sardines marinated in sherry vinegar, Arbequina olives, baby gems and Martini Rosso jelly

This may sound like a lot but on a table for six we made short work of it and definitely had room for the final main course. We went for the suckling pig, which is one of those dishes that I can never resist ordering when I see it on a menu. It didn’t disappoint and 3 portions between six was ample. It was unbelievably good, succulent, tender, dripping with jus and the table went silent for a few minutes while we all dug in which is always a good sign.

Segovia suckling pig, slowly roasted, rosemary potatoes, cooking juices.

We had all had a very jolly supper at Cambio de Tercio, it’s a great place to go in a big group but equally would be a fun place for a date. There’s so much on the menu that I didn’t try and as I am moving in down the road when I come back to London I’ll be paying a visit soon. My one piece of advice is that it isn’t cheap but if you’re in the mood for a treat then you should definitely check it out.

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4 thoughts on “Cambio de Tercio – A taste of Spain

  1. I think I said it was “insane” not “madness”, Hamish. And silent for a few mintes? We don’t sound like much fun…

    • I tried fiddling with that but they still come out blurry as the restaurant was so dark. I’m still getting to grips with the new camera but I think they’re getting better!

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