Chabrot Bistro d’Amis – Knightsbridge

Last week I returned back to the Motherland for the first time in 9 months and my number one priority was to hit as many restaurants as I could fit into my schedule. Over the last few months I have been compiling a list of restaurants that had opened since I left and one that caught my eye was Chabrot Bistro d’Amis. I’d heard great things from a wide range of sources, the most notable being the daddy of French cuisine Pierre Koffmann. So I booked myself in for a reunion supper with my Dad, sister and cousin and it didn’t disappoint.

You can find Chabrot tucked away down a side alley off the Kensington rd as it comes up to Knightsbridge. It’s a lovely warm cosy place with only about 30 seats and a rustic feel to it.

Settling down to peruse the menu, there were a lot of things on offer from hearty pates to fried whitebait. We went for a mix of stuff; some fried baby squid with piments d’espelette, foie gras on haricots and some bone marrow. The stand out dish was the foie gras. I hadn’t tasted foie gras for a long time and this reminded me how much I love it. Deliciously smooth and rich, it worked beautifully with the haricots below. The bone marrow was great too, not quite as I the one I’d had a St John’s, but still delicious. All in all, a great start.

For the mains only one of us could resist the lure of the O’Shea butcher’s sirloin steak. Even though I’ve been living in Buenos Aires for 9 months the lure of O’Shea’s excellent meat couldn’t be turned down. The fish lover of the group went for the sea bass cooked in a salt crust, which was done beautifully falling away from the bone softly and as smooth as butter. The steak was what you would expect from one of the best butcher’s in London and was cooked to perfection for me (I asked for it rare) while the others (who asked for it medium) regretted having it cooked too long but that is their fault not Chabrot’s.

For puddings we picked a couple of things to pick at, going for the lemon sorbet and a plate of strawberries with Chantilly cream. Both were excellent without being mind blowing but I did particularly enjoy the sorbet, which was delightfully fresh and a nice palate cleanser at the end of the meal.

One of the things I like about Chabrot is that it has a menu that can suit any wallet. Some of the starters are as cheap as £6:50, while mains can be under £15 and I know that they do an excellent lunch menu for under £20. It boasts an extensive wine list ranging from very decently priced caraffe’s to the more pricey. Along with Racine and Poule au Pot, which are both just down the road, I would rate this as one of the best bistros in London.

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