Cucina Paradiso – A rare find

Small decent little Italian restaurants are hard to find in Buenos Aires. Not sure why but there it is. I’d recently been to Doppio Zero which was so revolting I couldn’t even bothered to blog about it, every dish came out drowning in garlic and oil with no other discernible flavours coming through at all. It was a disaster from start to finish. So I now feel rather lucky to have found a lovely little Italian delicatessen slash restaurant just up the road from where I work.

Cucina Paradiso is a cozy little slice of Italy. Everything it stocks has been carefully sourced and it’s one of the best places to buy fresh pasta, great sauces even some prosecco. These don’t come cheap due to the obvious import costs but if you’re bored of the supermarket stuff this is a great place to stock up on some of high quality Italian ingredients.

It also does a nice little lunch time menu which changes daily. While you can have stuff like paninis and salads to take away, the fresh pasta and ravioli is where it is at.

We started off with some aubergine parmigiana which was deliciously simple and warming. Thick melted mozzarella, aubergine and fresh tomato sauce, I’d come back just for this, it was brilliant.

For mains, I suffered from food envy as J ordered a lovely rabbit ravioli in more of the tomato sauce that I loved and wished I’d ordered. This is not to say that my mushroom pasta was bad but it didn’t stand up to the ravioli across the table. Our plates were wiped clean with some lovely focaccia and washed down with some crisp Birra Moretti.

We walked out with some great olive oil that was actually sourced from Mendoza and has turned out to be delicious but if you are in the market for anything Italian this is the place to go.


2 thoughts on “Cucina Paradiso – A rare find

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