Solo Pescado – Amazing Ceviche

Ceviche, ceviche, let me count the ways that I love thee. Having never had even heard of ceviche when I arrived on these shores 8 months ago, I have now developed a hard core addiction to fresh fish, red onions and lots of lemon. However there can be a huge disparity between what you should pay and what some establishments choose to charge. Places like Sipan, Astrid & Gaston, and Osaka all charge extortionate prices for what traditionally is a very simple dish. Even the ever reliable Ceviche has hiked it’s prices in the last month, (although this might be as much to do with hyper inflation as it is profit).

Well look out Chan Chan because there is another ceviche place in town that may have just stolen your crown for best ceviche in town, step forward Solo Pescado, which last night provided some of the freshest fish I have had in this city and for HALF, that’s right HALF the price that Sipan charge for a smaller portion. This is ceviche as it should be, no frills, no umbrellas, just deliciously fresh fish in a citrus infused leche de tigre. So morrish, so good, washed down with a bottle of Torrontes and a side of calamari (slightly over battered but I’m not complaining), I was in ceviche heaven.

Screw Sipan and all the other highly priced ceviche joints, if you want the real deal at real prices then this is the place to go, bring friends, bring your parents, bring anyone you can find, the more the better, this place is awesome.


6 thoughts on “Solo Pescado – Amazing Ceviche

  1. Once I discovered Solopescados there was no going back. For the past 18 months I’ve been a regular & it never disappoints. They know my order better than I do – I don’t like the medillones in the mixed lenguado (the one to order) and when I forget, Cinthia reminds me. If you haven’t tried, the chicharones de calmare are excellent. Worth noting: they will do delivery as well (although the menu isn’t on the site)!

    • I was here again last night and agree with you that Lenguado is the best. Didn’t realize that they deliver, this makes me very happy, thanks!

      • It’s addictive 🙂 I was there yesterday at lunch. Another tip: you can bring your own wine (sometimes) if you ask permission (since their list isn’t terribly exciting & they sometimes run out of what you might want). They may charge a small corking fee (15pesos).

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