Las Pizarras Bistro

One of the great resources for Buenos Aires is pickupthefork’s exhaustive list of restaurants. If you are in the mood to eat out and not sure where to go it is a great place to get inspiration. We were in such a mood last Wednesday and perusing the list happened upon Las Pizarras, a little bistro not 3 blocks from our apartment. I have actually wandered past it a few times and had been meaning to pay it a visit. It’s a cute little place with an ever changing menu scrolled up on various blackboards around the walls with a decent wine list and a very affordable menu of Frenchy-bistro type stuff, think duck, quail, paté, and crème brullée.

These sorts of places are sadly quite rare in Palermo these days, most of the eateries here spend way too much on style over substance so Las Pizarras was a breath of fresh air, no iPads when being seated at your table here. To start we went for a deliciously creamy paté with toast and fruit jam that instantly transported you to a little tavern in the south of France. Not too rich and incredibly morrish, I’d come back just for this.

For mains I went for the quail, as I don’t see that very often on the menu. This was again a delight, stuffed with ricotta,served with ratatouille and packed with flavour, it was one of the best things I’ve eaten in ages. J went for a solid French favourite, confit du canard which wasn’t quite as good as the quail but still delicious and better than a similar dish at La Maison. Crispy skin and lovely potatoes, this was another winner.

We finished off with a maracuya crème brullee, I can’t seem to resist anything with the word maracuya in the title, whether it is a tiradito, cocktail or cheesecake I just can’t help myself. This sounded amazing but in fact was slightly disappointing, I got the feeling it had been sitting around for a while and it was a little too creamy underneath the sugar. Still nice but not something I’d have again.

Although the pudding was a little disappointing I would still put Las Pizarras up there with any of the best in Palermo, for price, food, and atmosphere. We had a lovely bottle of wine with our meal and it came out at $125 a head, which is pretty good going. For a quiet meal out this place is the best there is in my opinion.


One thought on “Las Pizarras Bistro

  1. Hey sweetie, looking good there! You got a new camera? Pics are just looking great.. tasty!

    Puss & Kram to you and BA

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