BoBo Hotel

It was pissing it down with rain on Friday night and we had no food in the fridge, what was the closest restaurant to our apartment that we hadn’t been to? A bit of chin scratching and we decided on the BoBo Hotel restaurant, we figured if the raining turned to flooding we could stay the night. I had actually stayed in BoBo last year before I moved to BA but hadn’t properly tried the supper menu and wanted to check it out.

BoBo has the sort of layout you would expect from any self respecting “boutique” hotel. Nice little touches everywhere, warm surroundings, and a little bar to have a pre- supper drink, which was lucky as BoBo was filled to the rafters and we had a bit of a wait for the table. I helped myself to a delicious apple martini and J went for a maracuya caprioska, both went down very well.

BoBo has got an efficient menu that covers all your major bases; some fish, some meat and pasta. I would describe it as Italian centric with little Argentine touches, either in terms of ingredients or style. For starters we ordered the six spoons of scallops, octopus, and squid, asparagus and parma ham, and a rabbit salad.

The six spoons was the most expensive starter and didn’t quite live up to how it read, all 3 types were a little chewy but they came in some nice sauces that managed to boost them up from chewy and tasteless to edible. The same could not be said of the rabbit which was far too dry and was made even drier but the artichoke that came with it. I really didn’t enjoy this dish, every mouthful was an effort and had to be gulped down by a glug of wine. The starters were saved by the asparagus salad that kept things simple with some fresh ingredients, a nice dressing and some delicious bread.

Moving onto mains, things improved dramatically. J had a very good tomato ravioli that matched her asparagus for simplicity, not a complicated dish but done very well. I went for the lamb with potato dauphinoise which ticked all the boxes without blowing my pants off. Good lamb seems to be hard to come by in this country which seems odd to me considering how much space there is to farm them and the fact that Falkland islands has something like 5 times as many sheep as people but what do I know? The last main was a traditional ojo de bife which came with cheese crispy filled pastry fresh chicory and chimichurri sauce. Again, efficiently done without breaking any boundaries, it’s always nice to have some beef flavoured up rather than the clean and simple parilla version.

So I have pretty mixed thoughts about BoBo, in parts I liked it and in others I didn’t. I am getting a little bored of these sort of places that boast a “European” menu but then just serve up a very average meal even if this was at a reasonable price. There aren’t enough places that really try to set out to deliver an amazing meal. Palermo is filing up with these sort of restaurants that are trying to cater to what they think the expat crowd wants but all end up merging into one another. We had a nice time but I will not be running back to BoBo unless there is another Friday night flood.


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