Aprazivel – Rio de Janeiro

The second restaurant I want to blog about in Rio is Aprazivel. Not necessarily because it had the best food but because it was by far the most fun and had incredible views over Rio de Janeiro. Rio is such an amazing city to look at from on high, if you manage to get up above the buildings from pretty much any part of the city you are greeted by amazing vistas in every direction. I was recommended Aparizivel by a friend who lives in Rio and I am very glad he did.

It’s located in the heart of Santa Teresa, an amazing barrio that is right up in the hills behind Lagoa and offers some of the best views of the city, especially at night. Luckily enough we were having dinner with a friend who had a car because it is a bit of a trek from Leblon and hard to find but I am told that you can get the tram there otherwise you’re looking at quite an expensive taxi. However all this means that you can escape the crowds down below and enjoy dinner in more tranquil surroundings than you normally do in Rio. Aprazivel is literally built into the hillside, decorated with lots of plants and tables in various little “tree houses”. It took us a little bit of time to find it but once we did it was immediately apparent that the trek was worth it.

The menu is extensive and covers most things: fish, meat, vegetarian all cooked in a variety of ways in a general Brazilian style. I went for a slow cooked lamb with polenta that was very enjoyable, cooked well with a delicious sauce and fresh polenta, no complaints from me. J went for grilled salmon that again was nothing mind blowing but cooked professionally as was the steak my friend ordered although he did complain that it was a little dry. On inspection I would have to agree with him.

Puddings were even better; delicious banana fritters with vanilla ice cream and a very tasty chocolate gateau.

Although the food in Aprazivel is decent, it’s not mind blowing, what is mind blowing are the views you get as you eat supper, the lovely atmosphere of the place and the chance to see a part of Rio that you might not go to otherwise see. If you go to Rio try and visit this place, it’s very special indeed.


One thought on “Aprazivel – Rio de Janeiro

  1. Hey! I’m so glad I found a blog post on this restaurant as I’m going to Rio soon and was wondering whether to try and visit this place – can you remember roughly what kind of price an average meal would come to, just so I can figure out whether or not it would be in my price range at all and also whether or not they had menus in English (I hate sounding like an ignorant tourist but my Portuguese isn’t great!)

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