Sushi Leblon – Rio de Janeiro

Regular readers of this blog (if they exist) will have noticed that it has been a while since I’ve posted. This is because I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks in Brazil over Easter which was very nice indeed. I also had the chance to visit a few restaurants while I was there and thought I’d share my favourite two from Rio de Janeiro.

First up is the world famous Sushi Leblon. Whenever I asked anyone for some recommendations in Rio this was always top of the list. As a result this was the first place we visited in Rio and it definitely did not disappoint. Sushi Leblon itself is not that big and when we arrived at 9:30 there was a bit of queue outside but we were told that if we didn’t mind sitting at the sushi bar then we could go in straight away. I didn’t need asking twice so we were whisked in and sat down to a couple of caipirinhas and edamame.

Although, as the name suggests, Sushi Leblon is probably most famous for sushi I much prefer sashimi so we opted for a big platter instead of one of the many sushi options. Fresh fish is hard to come by in Buenos Aires and there’s nothing I love more than high quality raw salmon, tuna, octopus. The platter did not disappoint; a very generous helping (Sipan take note) and some of the most delicious fish I’ve had in a long time, particularly the octopus that was out of this world.

We followed this up with some heavenly tempura and salmon with miso sauce and foie gras. The latter might sound a bit weird but was deliciously rich without being over powering. The tempura was just as it should be, lightly battered with perfectly cooked vegetables inside.

This was all washed down with some delicious Sake, something I don’t drink that often but have recently started to love, a perfect accompaniment to the sashimi. Sushi Leblon had a lot of hype but luckily it lived up to it, I was tempted to go back to sample more of the menu but there were too many other restaurants to go to.


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