Malvon – The search for a perfect eggs benedict continues

Brunch is a big deal in Buenos Aires; chic little cafes are popping up all over town and particularly in Villa Crespo and Palermo. On Sunday afternoons places like Gringa, Oui Oui, and Café Crespin all have queues out the door as a mixture of expats and locals come in search of a salmon bagel and a maracuya smoothie. One I hadn’t been to was Malvon, a very pretty little café in Villa Crespo. If I was giving points for style Malvon is head and shoulders above the rest. It’s got a lovely garden out at the back and a quirky fun interior that although full to the brim still gave the feeling of space.

We were sat down after a brief wait just in time to order the brunch deal which ends at 4:30, although if you’re eating at 4:30 I’m not really sure you can call that brunch. It’s a pretty good deal, $50 for one of the brunch options, tea/coffee, lemonade and a blueberry pancake. I have been searching high and low for the city’s best eggs Benedict and I have found Buenos Aires lacking so far. No one here has really worked out how to make a decent hollandaise sauce. I still can’t resist ordering it, although I am now getting used to the familiar sense of disappointment that it entails.

As expected the eggs Benedict were a little meh. Presentation wasn’t great and the hollandaise sauce was very thin, one of my friends even complained that one of his eggs didn’t have a yolk but I don’t believe him. J’s salmon bagel was probably the best choice of the lot, a couple of big slabs of smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and rocket in between a fresh bagel, you can’t go far wrong with that. In fact the bread is one of the best things about Malvon, all baked on the premises it fills the café with a lovely smell and tastes great.

Another feather in Malvon’s cap is it’s extensive dessert options. While I have found the desserts at Oui Oui and Gringa severely lacking, (Oui Oui’s waffles are so dry they are almost inedible), the puddings at Malvon were brilliant. The orange sponge cake was deliciously soft and packed full of flavour and the cinnamon roll took me back to when I used to live in Paris; fresh and tasty. I didn’t have room for the maracuya cheesecake but I will be back soon to try it out.

Malvon has it’s faults, some of the savoury dishes are a little average but it is a great place for a Sunday afternoon brunch, probably the best I’ve had since I got here. It has a great atmosphere, friendly service and does some fun cocktails. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect eggs Benedict but I am rapidly losing hope that I am going to find it in Buenos Aires.


3 thoughts on “Malvon – The search for a perfect eggs benedict continues

  1. Around five years ago I started suffering from the same obsessive-compulsive disorder. It took me a while to work out that I wasn’t going to find good Eggs Benedict in BsAs – never enough hands in the kitchen to get the Hollandaise right, the almost universal use of sub-standard eggs – and that was something of a weight off my mind.

    But I still wanted good Eggs Benedict… so I got together a dozen or so like-minded people (scary I know that many weirdos), and we rented a house in the campo (near Baradero, a very nice part of the world) for a weekend.

    I checked in advance with the owner that there were enough hens on the property (you need a lot of eggs to make this dish for 12 hungry, hungover adults). We got hold of the best jamón natural money could buy. And in this spacious old country kitchen, on a stove that probably belonged to the owner’s grandparents, I made Eggs Benedict for 12 adults + children, which we ate on a trestle table in the shade of an ombú.

    It’s the first and last time I’ve made that much food for that many people without royally screwing things up. The setting helped of course…

    Photographic evidence:

    • Those look pretty darn good Matt! Although the eggs in BA aren’t great it is the hollandaise sauce that seems to be particularly sub standard. Sadly it has always been one of the things I have found hardest to make but might have to give it a try now!

  2. I’m heading here right NOW! I believe I will gorge on baked goods as I concur with the above statements about sub par, runny, vinegary Hollandaise:( The best eggs benny I have had here was when my Canadian friend visited and made us all wicked EB brunch, with garlic spinach on the side. mmmmmmm.

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