Casa Felix

It’s been a while since my last blog entry and there is now a bit of a back log of places I’d like to write about but first in the queue is Casa Felix which I went to a couple of weeks ago. I’d heard consistently good things about this puerta cerrada and some wonderful photos on Frankie Unsworth’s blog had piqued my interest. What makes Casa Felix unique is the chef’s obsession with vegetables; all the produce you eat is either grown in the garden at Casa Felix or sourced specifically that day. There is no meat on the menu, which makes it quite a unique eatery in Buenos Aires.

Casa Felix is a beautiful house in Chacarita, which is a little out of the way but in a lovely little neighbourhood. After the obligatory knock on the door you are lead through a lovely little patio area where you have your supper and into the garden at the back where Felix is holding court. Over a few fresh mint mojitos and the first of our 5 courses (gruyere cheese wrapped in chayote), Felix gives a brief talk about some of the produce in his garden and what he has been planning for the evening’s menu. As this was the end of summer we were just catching the last of the summer produce before the menu turns to more Autumnal fair. It was a great way to start the evening and the passion he has for his work is immediately evident, it is also a nice way to mingle with the other guests and meet a few new people.

After sitting down the next course up was Botana over yellow beans on top of a deliciously fresh salad, which was a great way to get the taste buds going. The salads had lots of chimchurri ingredients that really sparkled, particularly the red onion, which worked brilliantly.

Next up was a mushroom empanada that made a nice change from all the meat based ones that I’ve been eating out here. Nothing mind blowing but good solid food and the mushrooms were deliciously fresh.

The main event was Mullet which was a very fun dish although it was let down by cold plates. It seems a minor gripe but it really can make a big difference and this plate was freezing cold meaning the food on top was too. A pity really.

Pudding came in the form of a novel take on Panna Cotta with coconut instead of the usual filling. To be honest I am not wild about coconut so I didn’t really enjoy this dish but I don’t think you can blame Felix for that, J loved it though.

The wine that came with the food was a nice range of Torrontes, Rose, and Malbec with a glass of champagne to finish off. All in all we had a great time, the food was a good standard and makes a refreshing change from what you usually get in Buenos Aires and it’s a lovely place to eat. I’ll definitely come back.


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