La Maison

A quick post today on La Maison, a delightful little French restaurant in Palermo that I had been wanting to go to for a while. We were just looking for somewhere relaxed and not too expensive where we could have a late supper and La Maison delivered in spades.

We sat outside in a nice little patio and ordered a delicious little carafe of white wine (plus points for having carafes which are brilliant when you are only two people and want both white and red).

We shared a scallop tartar salad with a little bit of truffle oil which was insanely good, a very unique taste and a great dressing.

I then had one of the best confit de canard that I’ve had in BA, perfectly tender and seasoned with some roasted veg, it was brilliant. My girlfriend had the bavette which was cooked through perfectly and came with some deliciously creamy dauphinoise, which I stole a lot of.

We finished with some profiteroles that I thought were the only blotch on the evening but my girlfriend enjoyed. I thought the pastry was a little tough but it wasn’t disgusting by any means.

So a rapid post but if you are in the area and want a decent Saturday night meal this is the place to go to. Great food, great atmosphere and great wine, what more could you ask for?


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