Thursday night in Buenos Aires and the brief was to find a nice place to have supper that wasn’t going to break the bank and wasn’t a parilla. The big idea? Sarki’s, an Armenian restaurant in the north of Palermo. And boy what a good idea it was too. I can’t believe I have been in this city for so long without someone dragging me to Sarki’s. It is the perfect place to go with a few friends, eat a ton of food and still feel like you’re saving money.
We got there just after 9 to find quite a sizeable queue outside. Normally this would mean that we had stumbled upon another Palermo tourist trap but all the chattering voices next to us were Spanish. This was a good sign; if the locals thought it was worth the wait then I felt pretty confident that we were on to a winner. The guy at the door took our name and said that there was a 30 to 40 minute wait. Undeterred we grabbed a beer and sat down outside to wait. 20 minutes later we were being led through the restaurant to our table. Sarki’s isn’t much too look at, very functional and full of tables but it wasn’t the décor that keeps everyone flooding back.
The first thing to say is that Sarki’s is a place you want to go to with a decent amount of people, you order lots of different dishes and share them tapas style and the more people you go with the more stuff you get to order; and there was a lot of stuff we wanted to order.


We started off with the sort of things you’d expect; hummus, feta, aubergines, raw mince with onions, all with lots of pitta bread. I haven’t had hummus since I was in London and this made me realize how much I missed it. I am not such a fan of aubergines but the rest of the party loved it and the raw mince was delicious although perhaps had a little bit too much onion.
We then moved on to mousaka and falafel. The falafel was particularly good; although it appeared in a rather disgusting looking sauce it tasted fantastic. The mousaka was ok as well but I preferred the falafel.

Falafel - a lot tastier than it looks!

Finally we finished off with a couple of beef and chicken kebabs, both of which were delicious but by this point we were all losing steam so sadly we didn’t manage to finish all of them but luckily the remaining ones were kindly packed up for us which we unluckily left behind.

Meat feast

I tried to wash this meal down with a cup of coffee but this was the only downer of the night; the coffee was sadly completely undrinkable. I am not sure what they put in it but it tasted of a disgusting mixture of cocoa and petrol, it was horrible.
Although the coffee was not the greatest way to end a meal, I would still say that it Sarki’s is amazing value with decent food. We had a couple of bottles of wine and a lot of food and it was only about 75 pesos a head which really is very cheap. I should also mention that we had one of the nicest and funniest waiters I’ve ever met, he was awesome.

Our waiter

So all in all a great first experience at Sarki’s, if you want a cheap fun meal in Palermo, this is where you should go.


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