Friday night in BA and I wanted to take my girlfriend somewhere nice for her first weekend here. A friend of mine had been raving to me about a Norwegian restaurant called Olsen, over in Palermo Soho which sounded like it would fit the bill. I am always on the look out for decent alternatives to the meat-centric cuisine found here and this sounded like a fun place.
The first thing I noticed about Olsen is that it is one of the coolest looking restaurants I have ever been to. You walk in through an innocuous looking door (as you have now have to do everywhere in BA it seems) and into a beautiful garden with an amazing water feature on the wall and huge high ceilinged open plan restaurant looking out on to it. Of all the restaurants I have been to so far in Buenos Aires, Olsen certainly has the most eye catching décor of all of them; those Scandinavians really know how to design a space. I could go on and on about how beautiful it was but let’s just leave it there shall we?


So we sat down with high hopes that the food was going to match the surroundings and the menu did not disappoint. Sadly there were only two of us and I would have loved to have ordered about 10 things off the menu. To start as off we ordered a platter of smoked trout, smoked salmon and caviar that came with 6 Bellinis. This was really fantastic, Bellinis came out beautifully; warm, slightly moist and full of flavour. This was the same for the fish that came with it. The caviar obviously wasn’t top notch but it was still pretty tasty and the smoked trout was particularly good. We washed all this down with a bottle of champagne, which went perfectly with the lightness of the Bellinis, (I got a bit carried away I’m afraid).

For our mains my girlfriend ordered the red tuna, which is what I would have ordered if she hadn’t but as a rule I try not to order the same thing when we go to new restaurants, although sometime you just have to. I went for the slow cooked pork that came with a berry sauce and mash potato. I thought I was in for a serious case of food envy but luckily the pork stood up to this stiff completion and completely blew me away. Soft, tender, full of flavour, it was absolutely perfect. My girlfriend’s tuna was very good as well and I think when we go back I am definitely going to have to try it myself.
To finish up we decided to delve into Olsen’s extensive vodka list; I went for a cassis whilst my girlfriends went for the mandarin. She preferred mine but I enjoyed hers as well although it did have quite a bitter aftertaste.

Red Tuna

Slow cooked pork


So all in all an excellent Friday supper, Olsen was buzzing, service was good, food was great and even with the bottle of champagne it didn’t break the bank. I have a lot of restaurants that I want to try out but I know it won’t be long before I am back here again.


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