El Bonpland for Trev’s Birthday

It was a great week in Buenos Aires last week. A day off on Tuesday coupled with a bank holiday on Wednesday meant that we had a mini weekend in the middle of the week, awesome! On Tuesday we celebrated a friends birthday and being the cultured man he is we decided to do it in traditional Argentine style and hit a parilla. At first we were going to go to Parilla 22 (not my favorite place in the world but not too bad) but luckily for us they had no seats outside so we snuck across the street to El Bonpland.

For my birthday I had received a book listing the best parillas in the city, (I am slowly making my way through them), and it had spoken very highly of the food at El Bonpland so we were happy to grab the last table outside and dig in to some provoleta , chorizo and morcilla (a black pudding type sausage).


You can’t really going far wrong with this sort of standard Argentine fare and it came out looking and tasting the part. The chorizo in particular was really good and the morcilla was rich and full of texture.


Chorizo and Moricilla




And so to the steaks, in previous posts I have complained that no restaurant has quite reached the heights that a decent home cooked asado can attain. The meat is always too heavy or chewy and never has that home cooked tenderness that I love so much. Well El Bonpland really stepped up to the plate this time and has installed itself as my favorite parilla yet.  The meat was tender, soft, cooked to perfection (finally a place where when you say “Jugoso” it comes out “Jugoso”). It came with some great chimichurri and crispy chips plus a couple of bottles of tasty Malbec to wash it all down.


Bife de Lomo


For once I didn’t feel like I had eaten an entire cow, I was full sure, but still able to move and not in need of my bed anytime soon which was good as we then went on to celebrate the birthday in the bar round the corner.


El Bonpland is a great parilla, with a lovely family who run the place and were very nice and helpful. The bill itself came to just over 100 pesos each which was also incredible value. I love this place and I will be back soon.



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