Creamfields and Las Cabras

The Creamfields bandwagon rolled into Buenos Aires this weekend. Argentina’s location in the world means that it is starved of a lot of decent DJs, although many will go to Brazil it seems Argentina is a trip too far. We’ve had Chris Liebing play a great set in a terrible club and Anja Schneider play on a Wednesday and that is about it. None of the djs I like have passed through and there aren’t many on the horizon. So when I saw the line up for Creamfields I was a happy man, lots of big hitters were on the bill: Cassy, Onur Ozer, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin. Magda, I was even excited about the prospect of seeing Dubfire (yes things have got that bad).

We turned up around 8pm and the first things to say is Creamfields had the stupidest drinks system in the world. I am not against a ticketing system per se, it speeds up the bar service but when you have one stall with two people selling drinks tickets to a queue of over a hundred people it sort of defeats the point of said system. So after an extraordinarily long wait (where we bought as many tickets as we could carry), we found out that the two drink combinations available were: Champagne and Speed or Melon Vodka and Speed. Just to clarify Speed is the equivalent of Red Bull out here and obviously bought some sort of exclusivity deal with Creamfields that meant you had no choice but to buy a can of their poison, at least they gave you the option not to mix it but you still had to buy a can.

So clutching our delicious cocktails we made our way to the Cocoon stage in time to see Cassy lay down an awesome set of techno with a few house records thrown in. She was a great way to start the night off, perfectly setting up Ozer who continued with in the same vibe of melodic techno. Loco Dice was the star of the night for me playing a blinding set of house and techno. As was observed recently on Resident Advisor he doesn’t necessarily play the most incredible tunes but puts them together in a very inventive way that is always incredibly danceable. Sadly he was the pinnacle of the night, Dubfire came on after and was, well, Dubfirey, banging out forgettable techno with predictable breakdowns, Carola followed suit and by that time my bed was calling so we headed home.

So this long preamble (and sorry if you don’t give a shit what Creamfields was like) brings me to the real reason for writing this post, where do you go in Buenos Aires when you haven’t had a meal for almost 24 hours and have had to survive on champagne and speed? You go to Las Cabras, a great parilla that has loads of outdoor seating on the corner of Fitz Roy and El Salvador. Although I would call Las Cabras a parilla, it offers a lot more than just steak, it’s got fish, it’s got wraps, it’s got almost anything you could want when you’re hungover and ravenous, it even delivers if you can’t face leaving the apartment and it doesn’t break the bank.

We were about to pass out from hunger, so we went for chorizo and provoleta (the local cheese) to start. The chorizo comes with a side of lemon that you squeeze and I can’t tell you how good it is, nothing fancy but absolutely delicious. The (slightly) healthier provoleta with rocket also started to get our disused stomach muscles moving again.

Chorizo, so simple, so good

Provoleta with rocket and pita

My companion for reasons that I still can’t fathom doesn’t eat red meat so went for fish, not sure which fish it was but it was big and white (you can see why I’ve got into food blogging it’s my attention to detail), he said it was good but not great, possibly a little undercooked. I went for the much more sensible option and ordered tres vacios, this is three different cuts of steak, again I couldn’t say which they all were but one was definitely sirloin but all of them were great, juicy, filling and tasty. They came with a side of caeser salad which is an odd thing to serve with steak but actually worked ok, at least I felt I was getting my greens anyway.

A big white fish

Tres Vacios

This was all washed down with a couple of glasses of the house red which helped eliminate any more after effects from the fields of cream. The bill came to 70 pesos each which is just over 10 quid, incredibly good value for a seriously good feed on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I will be going back soon.


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