Moshi Moshi

Continuing my quest to find decent alternatives to the many parillas here in Buenos Aires I came upon Moshi Moshi, a Japanese restaurant in Las Canitas. It was Sunday night and after a long fun weekend myself and a friend decided that we deserved a bit of a Sunday night treat.

And treatsie it certainly is, by Buenos Aires standards this is definitely at the more expensive end of the scale. We didn’t go all out and still managed to rack up a bill of nearly 300 pesos which is certainly not cheap. Although I’m sure there are more affordable (and perfectly decent) options, Moshi Moshi is certainly worth a bit extra and boasts an extensive menu of sushi, tempura, and even ceviche (what this is doing on a Japanese menu I’m not sure). This is definitely a place to go with lots of people, there were lots of things on the menu that I wanted but as there were only two of us we could only dip our toes into the menu but I will definitely be coming back for more. As we went relatively early on a Sunday night the atmosphere was a little dead, we were one of only two other tables in the restaurant. However we did not let this deter us; I am glad that my companion had been before as there really is so much to choose from.

We ended up choosing a selection of starters chosen by the chef which included: tempura, salmon teriyaki, spring rolls and an assortment of other bits and bobs. It was a nice way to start the meal and most of the nibbles hit the spot. The salmon and spring rolls were probably the highlights but everything was pretty good.

Chef's selection of starters

Moving on to some sushi for main, we ordered 3 different types: some delicious salmon skin rolls (which I have never had but always makes me think of Rachel’s definition of Unagi), some sushi rolls filled with prawn tempura and avocado with salmon wrap and finally some cooked salmon with a sweet honey sauce. Looking back now we may have gone a bit overboard on the salmon so maybe we should branch out a bit more next time!

Salmon Skin Roll

Prawn tempura rolls wrapped in Salmon

Salmon with a sweet honey sauce

This definitely satisfied my craving for Sunday night sushi and I will be going back soon. It is definitely a bit of a treat and I will be on the look out for some more affordable places to eat but still at 25 quid a head for quite a lot of food and a couple of delicious glasses of Chardonnay I ain’t complaining.


2 thoughts on “Moshi Moshi

  1. While I LOVE Japanese food, I really hope you’re only eating it in Buenos Aires because you’re totally saturated with South American cuisine, otherwise there is no excuse! Sounds pricey too but if you need a treat, you need a treat 🙂

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