St John

“Let’s go out to supper on Monday, just the two of us, you choose the restaurant” said my mother last week. Within 10 minutes of the call I had booked us a table at St John. I had heard so much about it from the various blogs and almost all were unanimous in their praise of St John. Fergus Henderson has a reputation for being a man who uses every cut of meat known to man, and I mean everything, brain, offal, heart whatever you can think of it has been on the menu at St John at some point or another.

I had one thing on my mind though and that was the infamous bone marrow. This seemed to Mr Henderson piece de resistance, a truly unique dish that you won’t find anywhere else. So after a quick half pint of Black Dog (delicious by the way) we sat down to our meal.

Disaster struck though when I couldn’t see Bone Marrow on the menu! “Was this because it is such a regular dish?” I asked the waiter.
“No, it’s because it’s not on the menu tonight” he replied.
I had half a mind to re-book and come back but I dryed my eyes and tried to think of something else to order instead. While I was wrestling between the terrine and the chatterlings our waiter came back to say that he’d found some bone marrow that the chef could cook for me but that I wasn’t to shout about it. “Woooppeee!” I shouted and quickly apologised and tried to explain why I cared so much.

After ordering the Loire Vin de Table (a bit on the fruity side but still decent) we waited for the arrival of the marrow, (and Mum’s chitterlings). I have to say they didn’t disappoint; they tasted like nothing I’ve ever eaten before: smooth yet rich, perfectly complemented by the simple salad, capers and rock salt, delicious!

The Famous Bone Marrow

Mum’s chitterlings were a nice mixture of crispy and salty with some crunchy radishes.


After a bit of a wait (20 mins) the main courses arrived. Mum had gone for crispy pig cheek with dandelions while I chose the braised kid with alioli and turnips. I think the pig cheek was the winner of these two but only by a smidge. The photo below doesn’t really do it justice, the cheek went well with the crunchy dandelions and it covered in a rich white sauce.

Crispy Pig Cheek with Dandelions

My goat was succulent and tender, falling off the bone just the way it should and worked well with alioli. I had had something similar at The Anchor and Hope a few months ago and it was a lot better. The alioli can be a bit over powering but they got the balance just right.

Braised Kid with Alioli

After this feast we didn’t really have an appetite for pudding although they looked great but it was a Monday night and we needed to get home.

It was a great evening though, my Mum had a great time (and she can be a bit fussy), I will be rushing back for a visit soon.

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