The Ledbury

So after a brief hiatus and a lovely holiday in Ibiza I am back with a brand new blog post. Mrs Eats, treats and leaves had a birthday looming so I thought that would be the perfect excuse to splash out on an evening at the Ledbury. There are ream of rave reviews ( the last link has some great photos by the way, apologies for mine!) across the blogging world so I was suitably excited as we wandered down Portobello rd on a balmy summer evening.
What immediately strikes you about the Ledbury is how warm and welcoming it is. Many Michelin restaurants suffer from a perceived need to appear stuffy and formal, (Le Gavroche and Gauthier are the obvious examples of this). The Ledbury doesn’t feel like a Michelin restaurant and this is actually incredibly refreshing, you feel more relaxed and ready to enjoy the meal.

So after about a 10 second discussion we opted for the tasting menu with wine. A first glance at the menu might have disappointed some; mixed tomatoes salad and chicken wings? This isn’t Michelin food!
After the amuse bouches (foie gras meringues) we were presented with the tomatoe salad and things started to make sense. An incredible bundle of herbs, flavours and of course tomatoes, every bite was a discovery and we knew that we were in safe hands.
I am not going to go through every course one by one as some bloggers do, (I have neither the inclination nor the ability to describe the incredible journey we were taken on). I will however highlight the greatest hits of the meal.

The chicken wings with morels were amazing, I have never tasted chicken this good, perfectly crispy skin, succulent meat that worked beautifully with the morels. Second on the hit list was the trout with a delicious port jus and an equally delicious pinot noir. Special mention also goes to the dessert: jasmine ice cream with a soft crème caramel; a great way to finish the meal. The wine that came with each dish was both varied and inventive; a lot of new world wines (not that there is anything wrong with that) but not quite as good as Le Gavroche.

Tomatoe Salad

Squid risotto


Jasmine ice cream and creme caramel

If I was to recommend one restaurant in London to go to this would have to be it, it is a great great restaurant that everyone should go to.

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