Gauthier Soho

I have already started to fall off the blogging wagon after an enthusiastic start. This was made worse by the fact that I have now broken my wrist making typing (and eating) a bit hard!

However before the terrible accident I went for a brilliant supper at Gauthier Soho. I first heard about it when I saw a tweet from Giles Coren saying how good it was so I thought I would beat the rush by booking a table in the first week. Laissez Faire had given it another thumbs up so I was very excited about what lay in store.

The first  thing to talk about  is the value for money. 27 quid for 3 delicious courses represents one of the best deals in London and I only hope it stays that way with the inevitable popularity that it brings.

We started off with a delicious bottle of prosecco and some delicious raw veg as a pre-starter:

These were so fresh and delicious, the chickpea chips were particularly good.

To start we went for Scallops,and Razor Clams: The scallops were perfectly cooked, and the clams were presented beautifully and scrumptious.


For main we went for the lamb and beef:

Followed by the most amazing Pineapple Soufflé I’ve ever had and a deep dark chocolate pudding.

I hope these pictures give the right impression. There has been some strong debate about whether or not they belong in a restaurant review. I am off the opinion that they do (obviously). However I don’t think they’re essential and Mr Coren has a great column that are completely devoid of them.

Anyway the food, atmosphere, wine and service were all spot on. I am coming back soon!

Gauthier Soho on Urbanspoon

50 quid a head 3 course with wine.


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