Anchor and Hope

After going to see the Real Thing at the Old Vic (which was brilliant), we wandered down the road to the Anchor and Hope for a post theatre bite.

The Anchor and Hope don’t take resevations so I was glad that we managed to get a table. I’ve never understood why restaurants do this;  it seems counter productive to me, I would never travel across London not knowing if I was going to be able to get a table. I want to go to Polpo but I’m put off by their no booking policy and I don’t want to wait around for 45 minutes.

Anyway it didn’t prove a problem so after a 10 minute wait we were sat down with a bottle of wine and rabbit and duck on the way. The rabbit came on a bed of lentils with garlic alioli which I’d never seen before and turned out to be delicious if a little rich. The duck came with with a stew of vegetables and potatoes.  It was exactly what I was in the mood for and was even better than the rabbit. We finished supper with some homemade strawberry ice cream, full of flavour and very good.

All in all I thought the Anchor and Hope was the perfect place for an after theatre dinner. The food was quick which is exactly what you want when you’re eating after 10 o’clock and was good value. The play was great as well so not a bad night!

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Supper: Main, pudding (shared), bottle of house red £20 a head

The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard,


2 thoughts on “Anchor and Hope

  1. I love the Anchor and Hope, though there was word (I think from Thring) a while back that it had lost its touch. Clearly regained.

    You can book Polpo for lunch FYI. R

    • I know, trying to organise a work lunch there at the moment! I think a good idea would be to have a split, half for reservations and half no reservation.

      Best of both…

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