Le Gavroche and Mansons

So I was going to make the first review on this blog Le Gavroche but….
a) That will take me forever to write and
b) There has been so much written about it I don’t think I can add anything more other than to say that it was amazing, here and here and that I wished that I had booked the table earlier.  The wine was particularly good, well thought out and delicious. But if you’re going to do a tasting menu don’t sit down after 8:30 as you lose energy as the meal goes on and it’s better to take your time over it. We left at 00:30 having sat down at 21:30 and I was exhausted by that point.

Anyway moving on to Mansons, a great little restaurant on the Fulham rd that I think is trying to challenge The Harwood Arms for the title of best gastro pub in the area. Except it’s not a pub, it just looks like one.

The Chef is a lady called Gemma Tuley who used to work for Ramsay and has now been snapped up by the owners of this establishment. The food has a strong French tilt to it with a few nice touches of originality.

I hadn’t eaten there since Chrismas time and it was nice to see that the menu had changed with the seasons, sadly the prices had too but not by much and we didn’t have a starter anyway. Another thing that hadn’t changed was the service which was very friendly and very slow. Even without starters the mains didn’t arrive for about half an hour which felt a little long even though we did have a great selection of homemade bread to keep is going.

Luckily when the food did arrive it was delicious. I had a lovely piece of beef with porcini while others around me had seared tuna and lamb chops. Generous portions made up for both the slightly elevated price and wait but maybe lacked a little bit of seasoning if I’m being ultra-critical.

All in all a great place for a Tuesday night meal with friends but a ways to go before The Harwood need to start looking over their shoulder.

Le Gavroche: £150 tasting menu with wine:  http://www.le-gavroche.co.uk/

Le Gavroche on Urbanspoon

Mansons: £30 a head for main and 2 bottles of wine: http://www.balthazarrestaurant.co.uk/

Manson on Urbanspoon


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